Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program

The Problem…

  • Disorientation resulting from confusion, which causes perceptual distortions. 
  • When in a state of disorientation, information is mis-seen, mis-heard, or mis-interpreted, which results in mistakes. 
  • Areas affected can include reading, spelling, handwriting, and focus. 

How We Can Help!

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is a one-on-one program designed for individuals age 8 and above, who are motivated to improve in one or more areas.  The length of the program is generally 5 consecutive days. 

In addition to receiving the basic Davis tools to control disorientation, manage stress, and control energy, Davis Symbol Mastery® is used to master basic language symbols, such as alphabet letters and punctuation marks.  Davis Symbol Mastery is also used to master “trigger” words (words whose meanings are difficult to visualize), such as and or the. 

Davis reading exercises will be given to improve tracking, fluency, and comprehension.  If handwriting problems are present, additional activities can be done to resolve the cause. 

Support training is provided for the designated person(s), as well as all materials needed for the at-home study portion of the program.  The program includes three brief return follow-up sessions (if necessary) and phone/email support after the program.