Achieve client goals!

“My son’s reading scores were shared with us at his IEP meeting, and he had a marked improvement the week after being with you.”

— Mom of 11-year-old client

Discover the GIFT!

“My son is at the top of his art school class.  His dyslexia is truly a gift that is making his achievements possible.”

— Mom of 14-year-old client

Correct perceptual distortions!

“The words hold still on the page, and the lines don’t wiggle anymore.  I can read without losing my place.” 

— 10-year-old female client

Eliminate the reason for the problem!

“My daughter read the word ‘the’ ten times in a story yesterday without any mistakes, because it finally had MEANING for her picture-thinking mind.”

— Mom of 8-year-old client

Assume responsibility for learning!

“I am now in control of myself and don’t need my medicine to control me.”

— 11-year-old female client 

Receive tools for life!

“I don’t know if I ever thanked you, but I hope you know how grateful I am for your help.  I am now married and teaching school.” 

— 25-year-old female client

Open the door to endless possibilities!

“I want to be buried with the book, ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ because it is the first real book I ever read cover to cover.” 

— 8-year-old male client


If you or your child is having difficulty with reading, spelling, handwriting, math, ADD/ADHD, or needs a jumpstart to pre-reading skills, Davis Facilitator Marcia Maust, of Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center, is here to help.

“I consider it an honor and privilege to be a provider of the Davis Programs.  Not only do my clients reach new heights in achieving their specified goals, but I also continue to learn and reach new heights from working with these creative, imaginative and amazing individuals.”  

Marcia Maust

  • Licensed Davis® Supervisor-Specialist
  • Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator
Our Programs Change Lives for the Long Term

Client Success Stories:

I actually enjoy reading now.  Marcia helped teach me how to set up my writing and not be afraid to write…  I am now getting good grades.  This has made me feel good about myself and like school and reading.

- Amanda, age 11

I graduated from Kent State University in 2014, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education, Mild to Moderate.  I am currently working as a Fundraiser with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

- Amanda, adult

I was scared to read out loud.  I thought the other kids would make fun of me, because I couldn’t read the little words.  Now I don’t make many mistakes.  With the Davis tools, I don’t stumble on words now!  Marcia has helped me a lot.  Now I don’t read 3rd grade books — I read 5th grade books.  With my Davis tools, I can control how my feelings are.  If it wasn’t for Marcia, I couldn’t do the things I do now.  

- Julia, age 7

Thirteen years ago, Julia completed her Davis Program with Marcia.  Julia is majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Coaching.  She has made the Dean’s List and has received Academic All-OAC honors.  It’s amazing that this little girl who couldn’t write and was scared to read out loud is authoring lab reports and leading presentations.  This was made possible by Marcia and the Davis Program.

- Julia's mom (thirteen years post program)

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