Davis® Math Mastery Program

The Problem…

  • Disorientation resulting from boredom or confusion, which causes perceptual distortions. 
  • When in a state of disorientation, information is mis-seen, mis-heard, or mis-interpreted.
  • Because of spending long periods of time in a disoriented state, the individual may not learn basic life concepts that are foundational to learning/understanding math.
  • When an individual cannot conceptualize the “why” for solving arithmetic, the only alternative is to resort to memorization (with no understanding). 

How We Can Help!

The Davis Math Mastery Program is a one-on-one program designed for individuals age 8 and above, who are motivated to improve in one or more areas.  The length of the program is generally 5-8 days, depending on whether it is given alone or is supplementary to another Davis Program. 

In addition to receiving the basic Davis tools to control disorientation, manage stress, and control energy, Davis® Concept Mastery is used to master the basic concepts that are foundational to all mathematics.  Some of these concepts include: 

  • Self
  • Change
  • Consequence (cause/effect; before/after)
  • Time
  • Sequence
  • Order vs. disorder

Following mastery of the math concepts, using clay, the individual will be given a “picture-thinking” model for learning arithmetic functions, such as: 


  • Counting
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Place value
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Numerals
  • Math function symbols

Once the barriers are removed that are preventing success in math, the individual can begin to gain confidence in solving mathematical computations on paper. 

Other areas that can be covered in a Davis Math Mastery Program are:

  • Counting money
  • Telling time
  • Using a calendar
  • Balancing a checkbook

Additionally, Davis Symbol Mastery® is used to master the math meanings for abstract words (such as by or from) that are in story problems. 

Support training is provided for the designated person(s), as well as all materials needed for the at-home study portion of the program.  The program includes three brief return follow-up sessions (if necessary) and phone/email support after the program.