“I was scared to read out loud.  I thought the other kids would make fun of me, because I couldn’t read the little words.  Now I don’t make many mistakes.  With the Davis tools that Marcia taught me, I don’t stumble on words now!  Marcia has helped me a lot.  Now I don’t read 3rd grade books — I read 5th grade books.  I can read Harry Potter.  With my Davis tools, I can control how my feelings are.  I have a mind’s eye.  Sometimes it is nice to have control of it, and sometimes I don’t need to control it (like in soccer!).  Sometimes I get mad, but my tools help me settle down.  If it wasn’t for Marcia, I couldn’t do the things I do now.  Thank you, Marcia!”

-E-mail from past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client, who, at age 7, completed the Davis Program.