“My youngest son is just doing so well.  I love to hear him read to me.  It’s like music to my ears.  I still think of the people who tested him at one point and told me I just needed to come to grips with the fact that he would probably never learn to read and that I just had too high of expectations for him.  I’d love to take him back to them to hear his reading now!  We’ll be forever grateful for the help you gave us.

My middle son used to never read just for enjoyment.  Yesterday, he picked up a book and hasn’t been able to put it down.  I have never seen him read like this before.  I am just thrilled.  When I think of the progress he’s made, I have to think of you.

In case you’re wondering, I’m crying as I write this, as it all still overwhelms me of how everything came together for the boys to get the help from you that they did.”

– E-mail from mom of past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center clients, who, at ages 10 and 14, completed the Davis Program.