“A special person is someone who is nice; for example, someone who changes your life.  To also be a special person, you must be loving and caring to all.  The very special person in my life is Marcia Maust.  She and the Davis Program have helped me; in fact they are still helping people today.  Marcia has helped me be able to read all sorts of things, whether they are easy or hard.  I actually enjoy reading now.  She helped teach me how to set up my writing and not be afraid to write.  I also worked with her to become more organized.  I am now getting good grades.  This has made me feel good about myself and like school and reading.”

– Excerpts from school essay entitled “My Special Person,” written by past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client, who, at age 11, completed the Davis Program.

Click here to see full story – published in The Dyslexic Reader, Issue 42 (page 18).