Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners

Who Can Benefit?

  • Parents who want to give their child an advantage on pre-reading and beginning reading skills.
  • Parents who wish to “prevent” a learning disability from happening.
  • Children ages 5-8, and older children with significant developmental delays.  NOTE:  Children of this age who are already exhibiting dyslexia symptoms or reading anxiety may require additional steps and program time than those outlined below. 

How We Can Help!

The Davis Reading Program for Young Learners is a learning enhancement program for children ages 5-8.  The length of the program is approximately 30 hours and is generally provided in half-day sessions during 2 (or more) weeks.  The program requires the presence of a parent or other designated support person, who will be observing and participating throughout the overall program time. 

After working with the Davis Facilitator, the child and the parent will know how to use Davis techniques to control attention focus and energy level.  The child will have mastered the alphabet and basic punctuation marks.  The child and parent will have been provided with learning techniques for beginning reading skills, and knowledge and experience with learning methods for mastering words and language symbols.