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Here's what some of our clients have had to say about the Davis® Program...

[Laurel Highlands client]

"My parents learned about a dyslexia correction program. During the intensive, one-week program, the facilitator trained me how to turn off the disorientation that made normal reading impossible. She showed me how to create visual images in clay to understand abstract words and taught me exercises to regain my balance. She gave me the tools to take my life back and, step by step, I did."

- Excerpts from college essay written by past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client, who, at age 14, completed the Davis Program.


"We wanted to pass on some good news. Our daughter was accepted to Georgetown, which is extremely difficult to get into. We screamed, cried, and hugged for quite some time. This would have been completely unthinkable without you. There are really no words to express how grateful we are for all you did for her."

- E-mail from parents of above Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client

Click here to see full story - published in The Dyslexic Reader, Issue 47 (page 1)

[Laurel Highlands client]"A special person is someone who is nice; for example, someone who changes your life. To also be a special person, you must be loving and caring to all. The very special person in my life is Marcia Maust. She and the Davis Program have helped me; in fact they are still helping people today. Marcia has helped me be able to read all sorts of things whether they are easy or hard. I actually enjoy reading now. She helped teach me how to set up my writing and not be afraid to write. I also worked with her to become more organized. I am now getting good grades. This has made me feel good about myself and like school and reading."

- Excerpts from school essay entitled "My Special Person", written by past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client, who, at age 11, completed the Davis Program

Click here to see full story - published in The Dyslexic Reader, Issue 42 (page 18).

[Laurel Highlands client]"My son's teacher just called me with the latest results of his DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) test. He had a score of 95! Prior to his Davis Program, his scores were 19, 39 and 75. At the beginning of the school year he was reading far below grade level, and now he is up to grade level."

- Telephone call from mom of past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client who, at age 8, completed the Davis Program

[Laurel Highlands client]Leah (left) completed a Davis® Math Mastery Program at age 11 at Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center.

Her mom actually set up a web page that chronicles her daughter's week with Marcia!

Check it out at: www.cogo.net/leahsweek/.

[Laurel Highlands client]"I was scared to read out loud. I thought the other kids would make fun of me because I couldn't read the little words. Now I don't make many mistakes. With the Davis tools that Marcia taught me, I don't stumble on words now! Marcia has helped me a lot. Now I don't read 3rd grade books -- I read 5th grade books. I can read Harry Potter. With my Davis tools, I can control how my feelings are. I have a mind's eye. Sometimes it is nice to have control of it and sometimes I don't need to control it (like in soccer!). Sometimes I get mad but my tools help me settle down. If it wasn't for Marcia, I couldn't do the things I do now. Thank you, Marcia!!!!!!!"

-E-mail from past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center client, who, at age 7, completed the Davis Program.

"My youngest son is just doing so well. I love to hear him read to me. It's music to my ears. I still think of the people who tested him at one point and told me I just needed to come to grips with the fact that he would probably never learn to read and that I just had too high of expectations for him. I'd love to take him back to them to hear his reading now! We'll be forever grateful for the help you gave us.

My middle son used to never read just for enjoyment. Yesterday, he picked up a book and hasn't been able to put it down. I have never seen him read like this before. I am just thrilled. When I think of the progress he's made, I have to think of you.

In case you're wondering, I'm crying as I write this, as it all still overwhelms me of how everything came together for the boys to get the help from you that they did."

- E-mail from mom of past Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center clients, who, at ages 10 and 14, completed the Davis Program

Laurel Highlands Dyslexia Correction Center is proud to have helped hundreds of clients achieve their potential and reach new heights with the Davis Program!

[The Gift of Dyslexia]

"Ron Davis is a revolutionary and profound thinker and has discovered what history will record as one of the great insights in the fields of learning and how the mind works."  

-  Thom Hartmann, author of Beyond ADD: Hunting for Reasons in the Past and Present, and many other top selling books.

View Davis® Program video testimonials on YouTube! (external link)

[Laurel Highlands client]

"The program worked. I am more organized. I am doing better at school and with friends."

It is never too late to overcome Dyslexia. The Davis Programs are highly effective for adults, too! Ron Davis began his journey to correct his own Dyslexia over 20 years ago. Subsequent program development was done primarily with adults. Adults bring a level of self-awareness and maturity that makes the Davis Program highly successful!

[Dyslexia, The Gift logo]

Professional services described as Davis®, Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis Symbol Mastery®, Davis Orientation Counseling®, and Davis Math Mastery® may only be provided by persons who are employed by a licensed Davis Specialist, or who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators by Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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